The Battle Between Land-Based and Online Casinos is Heating Up

Kenzie Leen May 18, 2017 Comments Off on The Battle Between Land-Based and Online Casinos is Heating Up
The Battle Between Land-Based and Online Casinos is Heating Up

Land based casinos have different environments than online casinos. We will consider some of the differences to help you choose which one is best for you. As long as you play at licensed and regulated online casinos, you can be sure you are playing randomized games that are well tested and functioning appropriately. You can find slot machines and bonus games offered at  Most of these online games are a transition from land-based slot machines to digital versions online. The play, payouts, and payout percentages are the same for both.

Despite the similarities, there are notable differences that you will find. Let’s take a quick look.

Multiple Options for Online Slots

Online, you are not limited in your choice of slot games to play. However, land based casinos have far less variety. This makes gaming more fun online.

Better Bonus and Comps Online

Physical casinos are costly to operate. They offer comps such as free rooms and meals since these are already included in their operating costs. Online casinos have much less overhead. This allows them to offer more valuable comps and bonuses, like cash and casino credits.

More Frequent Progressive Jackpots

Due to the high number of progressive slot players online, jackpots occur more frequently than in land based games. Online games also provide more exciting progressive slots options such as classic progressive slots, random progressive jackpot slots, and video progressive slot games.

Higher Paying Online Slots

It’s possible to find more favorable pay tables in online slots. Compare payout percentages and go for the highest offer. You have a lot to choose from online.

New Slot Game Technology

New slots are regularly designed and launched online every month. Due to cost, land based casinos do not have the luxury of regularly updating their machines to the newest designs. Online players can explore endless slot varieties and play games that are more entertaining.

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