5 Killer Teen Patti Variations you should try once

Kenzie Leen July 10, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Killer Teen Patti Variations you should try once
5 Killer Teen Patti Variations you should try once

Teen Patti, as we all know, is one of the most popular Indian card games. Originated in India, this game rapidly gained popularity in the entire South East Asian region. Although you might be knowing the rules of the normal Teen Patti game including the ‘blind’ and the ‘chaal’, but there are many other variations to the game as well which make it much more interesting and fun. So if you are bored playing your regular Teen Patti card game again and again, then we have got you covered. We have provided some of the best variations of Teen Patti which you can play with your family and friends and enjoy a whole new avatar of the classic Teen Patti game. Let us have a look at these variations –

The Odd Sequence

This is a very exciting variation of the classic Teen Patti. In this, the sequences are different than in the classic Teen Patti game. For example, if the earlier sequences were Ace-2- 3 or Jack-Queen- King, in the odd sequence, the sequences will be alternate cards. These can be like Ace, 3, 5 or 9, Jack, King. If you have a terrible luck and usually come up with straight cards only, then this variation might be the best chance for you to win.

369 and a One-Eyed Jack

To understand this variation, firstly you must know that the Jack of Spades and the Jack of Hearts called one-eyed jacks. In this variation, they all become jokers. On the other hand, the other two Jacks of diamonds and clubs, which are not one eyed stay the same. This creates a comical amount of confusion and makes the game very entertaining. To add even more chaos to the scene, the players can even call certain colors of the 3, 6 and 9 cards as jokers and call the others to be ordinary. So this makes it quite complex but it’s very funny and entertaining at the same time.


This is another quite interesting variation of the classic Teen Patti game. The rules in this are quite simple. The card which has the lowest value will be considered as the card with the highest value, while the card which has the highest value is considered to be the lowest. For example, if a player draws King of Hearts, 2 of Spades and 2 of Diamonds, then king will be considered the lowest and the 2 will be considered as the highest valued card. This makes an interesting change to the game and makes it interesting.

The ol’ card on the forehead (or maatha)

In this variation, every player is given one card instead of 3. You cannot look at your card and you have either stick it to your forehead or place the card there. Now every player will be able to see each other’s cards but cannot see their own. Now the players have to estimate the value of their card and then bet big. This creates a lot of suspense and makes a comical environment as well. This is very funny and enjoyable to play.

Red and Black

In this game, the dealer has to place one card in the middle and give three cards to all of the players. After every round, a new card has to be placed. If the centre card is red, then its value is considered as the joker while the game continues normally. For example if the card in the middle is centre is 2 of Hearts, then all 2s will be considered as jokers. But if the card black card comes out in the middle, then the game gets based on muflis. It this, the card of the lowest value will be considered of highest value. This keeps the players in the game for a long time and makes the game exciting.

The Last Words

So we all have played the classic Teen Patti game many times. But if you are bored of it, then you can play one of the many variations of the game which are mentioned above. Just keep on trying the new variations and hence you can have a great time playing the new version of the classic Teen Patti.

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